Recent advances in structural biology, protein epitope mapping and computational analysis have identified interaction hotspots and increased confidence in the druggability of the complex targets that rely on these key surface contacts.

Encycle Therapeutics interrogates the extended binding sites common to large protein-protein interfaces. Our platform generates macrocycles that populate a multitude of closely related, low-energy conformers representing different regions of surface-exposed loops and grooves that accurately recreate inter-surface binding elements.

To address the long-standing challenge of cyclic peptide synthesis, we recently developed a powerful strategy for constraining linear peptides into their macrocyclic forms. The strategy further enables cyclization of diverse linear precursors comprising small molecule (non-peptidic) components. Our proprietary methods deliver atom- and step-economical syntheses of proprietary 3D macrocycles called nacellins.
  A proprietary chemistry platform from the laboratory of Dr. Andrei Yudin at the University of Toronto allows efficient synthesis of uniquely substituted ring systems comprising six to twenty or more contiguous atoms.

Our core Discovery capability focuses on the design of molecules that address emerging principles in the chemical space required to mediate protein-protein interactions.

The company's collaborative programs reflect the evolving understanding in this space and in the identification of key drug targets.
  Encycle Corporate Overview
April 2013

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